The intersection of entrepreneurship and design—especially communication design—is a particularly lonely place. With a few remarkable exceptions, designers have steered clear of this risky, volatile, and potentially rewarding territory, preferring instead to stick to the well-worn path of the traditional models of design studio, in-house graphics department, or freelance practice.

In an industry filled with an abundance of extraordinarily creative minds, why have so few chosen to challenge this convention and venture into entrepreneurship?

This is a question that has puzzled me for several years since I, along with my wife and business partner Lisa, morphed our 15-year old design studio into a new venture called HealthSimple, bringing design and creative thinking to healthcare. Our journey—a somewhat accidental one filled with despair, frustration, surprise, promise, and, yes, reward—illuminated the immense possibilities that exist when we allow ourselves to consider another way of doing business.

So, I’ve created this space to explore the topic and include the voices of my friends and colleagues. My hope is that, over time, Merge will become a resource that can inform and inspire designers to develop their creative concepts into viable businesses.

Please join the conversation!