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It was an unexpected surprise and pleasure to be asked to present at the Dot Dot Dot event by the School of Visual Arts MFA Interaction Design program last month at Galapagos Art Space in Brooklyn. The vibrant format included (roughly) 10-minute presentations by five different entrepreneurs each working in a different creative profession. I was joined in the program by Jay Parkinson, co-founder of Hello Health and founder of the new design consultancy The Future Well; Laureen Barber, co-founder of the restaurant Blue Hill Farm in lower Manhattan; Yancey Strickler, co-founder of Kickstarter; and Robert Fabricant, executive creative director of Frog Design.

Despite the restrictive format (or maybe because of it), the evening was rich with big ideas about how designers and creative thinkers are solving thorny problems. I’ve written about Jay Parkinson before and I continue to be blown away by his pragmatic grasp of the health care system and how it can change for the better. I am hoping to write more about Kickstarter in the near future because it is another sign of the encouraging trend of peer-to-peer lending as a new possibility for start-up funding. Blue Hill Farm is quite simply exquisite in every possible way (and I can now say so with absolute authority). And Robert Fabricant’s refreshing portrayal of the creative process was filled with wisdom and wit.

Here’s Jay Parkinson’s presentation from the event. The rest of them can be viewed here: Dot Dot Dot: The Entrepreneurs

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