Picture 5Seth Godin, author of Tribes and Meatball Sundae is a whirlwind. I began to write notes during his keynote presentation at MIMA Summit 09 and quickly realized this was a losing strategy. His presentation was so loaded with ideas and he spoke so fast that I simply didn’t have a chance. Frankly it was a bit difficult to follow the connection between the dots, but the individual ideas were so compelling, it almost didn’t matter (I guess that’s part of why he sells so many books). Here’s a list of some of those ideas.

  • There’s more than one way to do stuff
  • We are in the midst of an industrial revolution
  • We must ask for permission to engage the people who want to learn from us (rather than continually trying to reach the people who don’t)
  • Littlemissmatched.com $1 million to $40 million without advertising (Godin blog post about them here)
  • Be remarkable >> Tell a story >> They spread the word >> Get permission (then repeat cycle)
  • Tribes are what matter now: connecting people and ideas who want to be connected
  • Zappos (Godin’s blog post about them here)
  • Tell a story >> Connect a tribe around it >> Lead a movement >> Make change
  • Tom’s Shoes (Their blog post about Seth Godin here)
  • Who are you upsetting?
    Who are you connecting?
    Who are you leading?