logo_npr_125It’s always informative to me to see how the mainstream media presents business stories, and in this piece from NPR’s All Things Considered, reporter Wendy Kaufman paints an accurate picture of the current entrepreneurial landscape. She focuses on two themes that have been discussed many times on Merge: first, an economic downturn is an excellent time to launch a new venture; and second, don’t expect to have easy access to venture capital.

Biomedical research, and sustainable technologies are highlighted as areas that are getting much attention despite the recession. While I don’t expect the biomedical area to see a lot of activity from the creative professionals, I see sustainability as a category that is wide open for invention and interpretation.

Kaufman does sound a note of caution about the temptation for “big idea” entrepreneurs to take advantage of federal stimulus funds William Dunkelberg, chief economist of the National Federation of Independent Business, “They [the bureaucrats] don’t have a great record of being creative or innovative or ingenious or running businesses very well.”

But the overall tone of the piece is positive, with Jerry Engel of the Lester Center at UC Berkeley stating, “Now is a great time to start a venture.”