notebookOK, it’s time to clean out the notebook. Here are a few random notes that have accumulated over the last month.

Designer as author
I first met David Gibson of TwoTwelve when we were both serving on the AIGA board of directors in the early 2000’s. David has an excellent new book called The Wayfinding Handbook. My copy just arrived and it looks to be a great read filled with practical info for communication designers working in this unique area of our field. David’s also featured on this podcast from

Social Media 101
Minnesota designers interested in learning more about this freaky thing called social media can attend Social Media 101: A Beginner Bootcamp at Aloft Hotel in Minneapolis on Friday, April 24. The event is a partnership between smartypants marketing consultant Jennifer Kane of Kane Consulting and my pals at Clockwork Active Media. Click here to register.

Geek Girls Guide
Speaking of Clockwork, Nancy Lyons and Meghan Wilker from that firm have created an excellent blog that is expanding into a thriving community—all with the mission to make web technology accessible and exciting for women. Check out the Geek Girls Guide and join their Facebook group.

Hamilton Wood Type Museum
Check out Steven Heller’s interview with designer, letterpresser, and wood type fiend Bill Moran of Blinc Publishing on AIGA Voice. The interview focuses on the tenth anniversary of the Hamiltion Wood Type Museum in Two Rivers, Wisconsin, which Bill has been instrumental in developing and supporting. I hope to feature Bill in a future Merge post (earth to Bill!!!), but this will be an adequate preview (he says with tongue in cheek).

Aspen Design Challenge
A partnership between AIGA and INDEX, the Aspen Design Challenge is an annual call to students worldwide, inviting them to address an international problem that is not only crucial in today’s world, but critical to our survival and the world that they will one day inherit. The finalists for the 2009 Challenge: “Designing Water’s Future” have been announced.